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2018 Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge

Klingspor Abrasives - $25 Gift Certificate

​​2018 Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge

Rules for the 2018 Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge

​​1.   The 2018 Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge will officially begin on November 23rd (Black Friday) and end on December 24th at 11:59 PM EST.  Remember that doesn't mean you can't go ahead and begin working on your project before November 23rd.  

​2.  Produce a short video (10 minutes or less) of your Christmas themed project made with your CNC and upload it to your YouTube channel.  Important:  The title of the video must be 2018 Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge.

​3.  Once your video is uploaded to YouTube send an email to ​with the words 2018 Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge in the subject line.

​4.  In the body of the email include the link to the video and also include your name, address, and phone number.

​5.  This challenge is open to everyone (not just people in the US) and you can enter as many projects as you want as long as they are each in a separate video.

​6.  Decisions of the judges will be final and the winners will be announced during a YouTube Livestream on Saturday December 29th 2018 @ 8PM EST.

​What is the Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge?  The Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge is a challenge specifically for CNC guys and gals.  There are a lot of different challenges on YouTube and some of them do not allow the use of a CNC (I think they're just jealous of such a cool tool) but this challenge not only allows the use of a CNC but it is required to use a CNC at least for most of a Christmas themed project.   I hope that you will get out there in your shop and fire up that CNC, make some chips, and place an entry into the 2018 Gatton CNC Christmas Challenge.  Good luck to all.  ​​ 

Roy Baker - WIXhc Hand Held Pendant

Carl Whitaker - Donation for prizes TBD

​Rockler Woodworking -  Set of Hold Down Clamps

​If anyone would like to be a sponsor please contact me and let me know.  Gift cards, Tee shirts, hats, Coffee mugs, etc.  all make great prizes.  Thanks!