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Welcome to my 3D Printing page.  I purchased my first 3D printer a couple of weeks ago and it arrived here on May 11th.  I had been thinking about purchasing a 3D printer for several months now especially after I had Ron Cleaveland as my guest on the CNC with Dave show to talk about them.  You can watch that video below.  After having Ron on the show I was convinced that a 3D printer would be in my future I just wasn't sure when. 

After running across a bunch of YouTube 3D printer review videos recently my interest was revived.  I decided to take the plunge but now I had to decide which 3D printer to purchase.  It seems like there are a lot more brands/models to choose from now than when I was looking at them a few months ago.  After spending hours, (and I do mean hours), watching YouTube videos of people doing reviews on the latest 3D printers I narrowed it down to two 3D printers.  The two that I had narrowed it down to were the Creality CR-10 and the Creality CR-10S made by the same company and nearly identical machines.  The CR-10S just had a few more "bells & whistles" on it that the CR-10 had and of course it was priced a little higher because of those features.

​I decided to go with the less expensive CR-10 since I was brand new to all this and really wasn't even sure if I would like 3D printing.  The CR-10 came about 90% assembled right out of the box and I had the assembly finished, the bed leveled and ready to fire up in about 30 minutes.   I downloaded a Maker Faire Robot file from ran it through my free Ultimaker Cura slicer program and I was off and running.  I had some trouble with my first print sticking to the bed and it popped loose about two thirds into the print.  (see photo below)  I then wiped off the glass on the bed with some Isopropyl Alcohol and the second print made it to the finish line.  I also printed the infamous Cat file (see photo below) that is on the SD card that comes with the CR-10.

​At the time of this writing (5-19-18) I have had my Creality CR-10 just over a week and I have to say I am having a blast playing with it...oops, I mean working with it.  I have some interesting things that I plan to design and print and I'll be posting to this webpage often and sharing photos and files here.  I hope you will come back to this page and follow along with my new 3D printing adventure.