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Hollis Fenn playing his Single Cut Hollow body

After bulding the license plate guitar shown above and posting photos on social media I've had a bunch of people message me and say something like "hey I've got some old license plates laying around can I send them to you."  Of course I said yes and that got me to thinking about how cool it would be to build license plate guitars using a license plate from all 50 states.   I already had a few different states like Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and of course, Georgia in my collection so I decided to challenge myself and set a personal goal to build a license plate guitar with a plate from each state.   In the recent weeks I've had a lot of people send me license plates and I want to thank each and every one of them.    Below is a list of everyone that has sent me license plates and photos of some of the plates.   I will continue to update that list as I get more plates.   If you see a plate below or have a plate that you would like to have built into a license plate guitar please email me and let me know.  Also, if you see any guitar that I post photos of here that you would like to purchase or maybe have one custom built for you please let me know.  I will be posting guitars here that I am selling as I'm quickly learning that I can't keep them all.

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​Dwight Bennett - over 30 Indiana license plates

David Mitchell -  1 Indiana license plate

Brian Moomey - 4 Wyoming plates, 3 Colorado plates, 1 Nebraska plate, and 1 Arizona plate

David Engle - 1 Montana plate, 1 Washington plate, 1 Oregon plate, and 1 Tennessee plate

Shannon Bates - 2 Kentucky plates

Terry Dobbs - 7 Kansas plates

Jim Sinacola - 1 Michigan plate

Hollis Fenn - 1 South Carolina plate

Larry Gault - 3 Texas plates

George Vondriska - 2 Wisconsin plates

Sarah Harvey - 5 Montana plates and 1 Wyoming plate

Terry Cupp - 3 Nevada plates

​Nathan Lamb - 1 California plate

Shawn Stone -  1 Alabama plate and 1 Mississippi plate

Thom Conway - 10 Washington, 2 Utah, 7 Nevada, 5 Colorado, 2 Montana, 13 California, 26 Alaska, 23 Oregon, 2 New Jersey,

1 Wyoming, 3 Arizona, 1 Idaho, 1 Massachusetts, 1 Texas and 1 Tennessee 

Dave Mack - 1 Illinois license plate

​David Battershell - 1 Oklahoma license plate

Marty Tauber - 3 Maine license plates

Marlo Swedzinski - 2 Minnesota license plates

​Jason Rausch -  1 Virginia license plate

​Barbara Denmon - 2 Hawaii license plates

​Rick Morphew - 2 Connecticut license plates

Charlie Mitchell - 1 New Hampshire Plate