​​​Anti-backlash acme nuts and couplers - dumpstercnc.com Gatton CNC Kit

Gatton CNC Plans Only 

Metric (Millimeters) $99.00

Includes DXFs

Precision Acme Lead Screws - McMaster Carr part number 99030A704

Select your set of plans in the unit of measure format that you are most comfortable working with.  If one eighth to you is 1/8" then order the Inches (Fractions).  If Metric is your game then order the Metric (Millimeters).  Or if you know that 0.625" is the same as 5/8" then maybe the Inches (Decimal) set is for you.  All plans will be sent with the Parts Kit.  What do you get in the Parts Kit?  You get the twenty-one parts shown below cut by a CNC for precision.  The only parts you will need to add are simple rectangle pieces that can be cut with a table saw or a circular saw using a guide.  Cutting your own simple parts allows you to make your CNC wider, narrower, longer or shorter than the plans.  The design in the plans is using a half sheet of plywood (48" x 48").  The detailed plans specify everything you need to build a COMPLETE machine including the drive box & stepper motors that I use, the precision acme lead screws and couplers, as well as sources for hardware and all the bearings.  See the links I've provided below.

Gatton CNC Parts Kit with Plans

Inches (Decimal) $260.00

Gatton CNC Plans Only

Inches (Decimal)  $99.00

​Includes DXFs

All kits will be cut to order so please allow 5 to 10 business days for shipping.

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Gatton CNC Parts Kit with Plans

Metric (Millimeters) $260.00

Please note:  The Gatton CNC part kits only ship to the continental US and Canada.

I'm often asked about the products I use with my Gatton CNC and where I got them.  for your convenience I have put some links to the products that I use and recommend.

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Gatton CNC Parts Kit with Plans

Inches Fractions $260.00

Get your Gatton CNC kit today!

A typical build of a Gatton CNC should cost between $1000-$1250 not including computer and software.

Gatton CNC Plans Only 

​Inches (Fractions) $99.00

Includes DXFs

Build your own Gatton CNC from this parts kit and plan.  These plans use a 48" x 48" table (one half sheet of plywood) but are easily adaptable to any size.  Get yours today!

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