Gatton CNC Parts Kit with Plans

Inches Fractions $260.00

Get your Gatton CNC kit today!

A typical build of a Gatton CNC should cost between $1000-$1250 not including computer and software.

​​​Anti-backlash acme nuts and couplers - Gatton CNC Kit

Gatton CNC Plans Only 

Metric (Millimeters) $99.00

Includes DXFs

Precision Acme Lead Screws - McMaster Carr part number 99030A704

Select your set of plans in the unit of measure format that you are most comfortable working with.  If one eighth to you is 1/8" then order the Inches (Fractions).  If Metric is your game then order the Metric (Millimeters).  Or if you know that 0.625" is the same as 5/8" then maybe the Inches (Decimal) set is for you.  All plans will be sent with the Parts Kit.  What do you get in the Parts Kit?  You get the twenty-one parts shown below cut by a CNC for precision.  The only parts you will need to add are simple rectangle pieces that can be cut with a table saw or a circular saw using a guide.  Cutting your own simple parts allows you to make your CNC wider, narrower, longer or shorter than the plans.  The design in the plans is using a half sheet of plywood (48" x 48").  The detailed plans specify everything you need to build a COMPLETE machine including the drive box & stepper motors that I use, the precision acme lead screws and couplers, as well as sources for hardware and all the bearings.  See the links I've provided below.

Gatton CNC Plans Only 

​Inches (Fractions) $99.00

Includes DXFs

Build your own Gatton CNC from this parts kit and plan.  These plans use a 48" x 48" table (one half sheet of plywood) but are easily adaptable to any size.  Get yours today!

Gatton CNC Parts Kit with Plans

Inches (Decimal) $260.00

Gatton CNC Plans Only

Inches (Decimal)  $99.00

​Includes DXFs

All kits will be cut to order so please allow 5 to 10 business days for shipping.

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I'm often asked about the products I use with my Gatton CNC and where I got them.  for your convenience I have put some links to the products that I use and recommend.

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This is a great book for the CNC beginner written by George Vondriska and Randy Johnson.

Please note:  The Gatton CNC part kits only ship to the continental US and Canada.

Gatton CNC Parts Kit with Plans

Metric (Millimeters) $260.00

Nema 23 Stepper Motor Spacer Blocks  made from 3/4" HDPE.  Set of 4 $34.99

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