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I will be doing some monthly random drawings for a License Plate Guitar similar to the one shown below.   Congratulations to Marty Tauber for being the winner of the June 22nd drawing.  The next random drawing will be on July 20, 2019.   Make sure you read and understand the rules for entering the giveaway.

Rules for the License Plate Giveaway

​1.  Entry form must be completed in FULL.  No exceptions.

​2.  Winner(s) names will be randomly drawn.

​3.  Only one entry allowed per drawing.

​4.  You must enter for each drawing.   

​5.  The random drawing(s) will take place on the CNC With Dave Gatton show.

​6.  The person selected by the random drawing must be watching the Dave Gatton CNC show "live" to be able to claim your prize.

​7.  The random drawings will take place on the third Saturday of the month on the Dave Gatton CNC show.  Show begins at 8PM EST on YouTube.  The one exception is that the first drawing will be on the fourth Saturday of June, the 22nd.

​8.  Only persons residing in the United States are eligible for the drawing.

9.  To be eligible for a particular drawing your entry must be received by me by 12PM (noon) on the date of that drawing.